Alexander American University
School of Medicine

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Academic Catalog

The academic catalog outlines the AAU medical degree program and serves as a valuable resource for students. Some of the information contained in the catalog includes Medical Sciences course descriptions; a detailed listing of the required clerkships; faculty credentials; policies and procedures; and academic performance guidelines.

Health Insurance

The government of Guyana requires all students to have a local health insurance coverage while on the island. AAU has arranged for a student health insurance policy through Unersity. Students have the opportunity to enroll dependents with the insurance company during registration.

Clinical students are required to have health insurance, provided through AETNA, in order to rotate. Learn more about health insurance for clinical students here.

The Administrative Review and Grievance Procedures

The Administrative Review and Grievance Procedures document provides the process for filing an informal complaint with the Van Wormer Judiciary Committee and filing a formal complaint with AAU administration with regard to student conduct and further outlines the possible disciplinary actions and opportunities for appeal of the outcome of an Administrative Review.

Policy on Non-Discrimination

The Policy on Non-Discriminaton outlines rules, definitions, resources, and responsibilities in regards to complaints allegations of discrimination.

Policy on Sexual Misconduct Response and Prevention

The Policy on Sexual Misconduct and Harassment document sets procedures, definitions, and rules for complaints of alleged sexual misconduct or harassment.