Pre-Medical Science

Pre-Med Program

This rewarding program caters to highly motivated high school graduates and other prospective students, who may be seeking a change in career. The Pre-medical Program is designed for high school graduates or college students with less than 90 credit hours, who are desirous of being admitted to a medical school but do not meet the MD Program requirements.

The Premedical Program provides students with a strong foundation and prepares them for the rigors of the MD Program. It integrates the undergraduate level of Pre-Medical studies with graduate level Medical Education.

Pre-Medical courses are the first tier of the five-year Doctor of Medicine course and are taken over the duration of four semesters. Once the student successfully completes this level, they automatically advance to the regular Medical Program at the Basic Medical Sciences level.

Mandatory curricular studies are completed in fourteen (14) semesters over a duration of five (5) calendar years. In total there are seven (7) years of academic studies inclusive of the Premedical Program.


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