Pre-Clerkship Schedules

Pre-Clerkship Schedules

The preclerkship curriculum is a seven semester sequence of courses. During the first three semesters, students are immersed in introductory basic science concepts. Students are also introduced to physical examination, doctor-patient interactions, and the principles of osteopathic palpatory diagnosis and manipulative therapy.

What follows is a sequence of courses with an emphasis on learning content presented in a series of courses dealing with body systems. These courses provide integrated presentations of basic and behavioral science concepts and clinical aspects of each body system.

Students are required to master clinical skills associated with their body systems courses and to participate in college clinics with supervision. Students are provided their first clinical exposure in family practice clinics during semesters 4 and 5. The students observe and selectively participate in patient care and office management under the direct supervision of the physician.

The first year and a half of medical school is focused on building knowledge in basic and clinical sciences through rich, team-based learning experiences in the classroom, laboratories, simulation environments, and small-group settings. This period also includes many opportunities for direct clinical experiences, including weekly clinical sessions through students’ Academic Colleges and other opportunities designed to integrate with and complement students’ coursework.

During the pre-clerkship period, students will gain important scientific knowledge, attitudes, and skills, along with a common vocabulary shared by the medical profession, all of which are vital elements in building a foundation of excellence. All classes during the pre-clerkship period are conducted on a pass/fail basis so that students will be able to concentrate solely on learning the material in a team-oriented environment.

Preclerkship Electives


Eligibility for Elective Participation includes:

• Completion of application, approvals, and enrollment.

• Meet all college/university requirements of immunization & compliances.

• Academic good standing.


• Pre-clerkship physician shadowing experiences are indended for MS1 and MS2 students who are interested in shadowing a clinical physician. Shadow experiences are not enrollable courses, and thus will not include credit or a grade, and will not appear on the student’s transcript.

Eligibility for Shadow Participation includes:

• Full Time enrollment in Pre-Clerkship Core Curriculum.

• Completion of application with approvals.

• All college/university requirements of immunization & compliances completed.

• Being in academic good standing.

Clinical Volunteer Activity Approval Form

This form should be used when a group of students is interested in participating in any outside volunteer activities not already affiliated with the College.

An Extracurricular Student Group Clinical Activity Form should be used when a group of students affiliated with COM is interested in participating in an event that will include patient contact.


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