Online Book Store

Online Book store

We are pleased to partner with Ambassador Education Services to provide you with your books and supplies for the upcoming semester.

Please see the helpful tips below to ensure a smooth ordering process.

  • You can choose to send your items to your domestic address or straight to the campus. Staff will have your boxes of items for pick-up on campus.
  • Students should review the booklist and the online bookstore items carefully as to avoid having duplicate items. Often times, kits provide multiple items that may be used across various semesters. Sometimes, the individual items are listed again as replacements in case you need another instrument (i.e. you may see a stethoscope listed in multiple semesters, but you only need to purchase it one time). Make sure to decline the items you do not need.
  • You may see an item on backorder, we are committed to making sure these items get to you as soon as possible before the semester starts or very early on.

Specific activities of the office include:

• Planning educational events, such as the Annual Wellness Lecture and wellness workshops

• Identifying and enriching mental health-care resources available to students

• Being a triage point for any mental health-related difficulties that may arise during medical school years.

Wellness Resources for Medical Students

1.Student Health Services

2.Wellness Center

3. Student Access

Student Access supports the University's mission and value of diversity by providing equal access to its programs and services for students who experience a disability.

4.Courses & Workshops

5.Relationship Workshop

6.Student Debt Counseling and Financial Management

Student focused debt counseling and financial management for current students at AAU. This resource is focused on helping the students at AAU maintain a healthy balance regarding their fiscal responsibilities. One on One counseling and informational sessions are available.

The community has proudly embraced the University and its students. For all the years students and community members have lived in peace, with a mutual respect that is genuine and admired. In turn, AAU has been a vital contributor to the Island through both financial and humanitarian means. AAU is proud that its students, graduates and faculty are dedicated to improving the lives of both old and young on the Island.

When students arrive on AAU, they are transported to a place of serenity, cultural diversity and warmth. Home, at least for the time being, is the pastel-tinted architecture of the majestic True Blue Campus, a state of-the-art multi-million dollar campus that includes cutting edge teaching facilities, labs, library, research institute and more. Their backyard is the breathtaking lapis blue waters and extraordinary reefs of the Caribbean Sea.


In addition, Guyana, the largest island in the Caribbean invites students to explore its many activities and events. In one day, a student could visit the Guyana Botanical Gardens, roam the many pathways, romantic bridges and gazebos of this oasis in the morning, and then return to campus for a hands-on lab on exotic, wildlife species.

Students are captivated by the unique blend of the African, English and French cultures of Guyana. They can immerse themselves in Guyana’s rich history, dining at a local restaurant in the picturesque capital of St. George’s, as native music fills the air. Though many languages are spoken, English is the national language.

The Georgetown community has proudly embraced AAU and its students. Students and community members live at peace, with a mutual respect that is genuine and admired. In turn, AAU has become a vital contributor to the island financially and through humanitarian efforts. AAU is proud that its students, graduates and faculty are dedicated to improving the lives of both old and young on the Island.

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