Mission and Vision

AAU's Mission

To improve the lives of the communities in which we live and serve through humility and excellence in learning; to foster a diverse community that reflects our world and addresses challenging issues in global health care.

AAU's Vision

To be a model medical school that sets the standard for the medical community regionally; to be leaders of change who create a healthier world and to build a diverse and inclusive community that fosters innovation and solves global health care issues.

Our Values

  • To be a student-centred institution
  • To provide an exceptional educational experience
  • To expand, grow and constantly improve our educational product
  • To be innovative and results oriented
  • To promote a positive and cooperative teaching and learning environment


Quality Education

AAU is a benchmark for achieving a quality medical education worldwide. Internationally recognized, AAU will give you access to a quality training program with trained professionals who are eager to help you to realize your dream of becoming a physician.


AAU is unparalleled in its commitment to high quality and to ensuring that its graduates are ready to succeed in the global medical environment.

Quality & Affordability

Well-qualified staff, a pristine environment and affordable tuition costs are only some of the reasons for you to come and see why AAU is the ideal place for you to kick start your future!

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