MD Program

Doctor of Medicine - 5 years

Are you longing to fulfil your childhood dream of a career in medicine? Are you passionate about health and biosciences? Do you love to help and care for people? Then, it sounds like becoming a medical doctor will help you to be exactly who you were meant to be!

Alexander American University offers an innovative Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program that is designed with students and their prospective patients in mind. It has been developed in consultation with doctors, healthcare professionals, students and leaders in medical research sectors. In its duration, the program delivers advanced clinical and academic training to ensure that students are adequately prepared for the challenges of medical internship. Success in this field requires a thirst for life-long learning and academic excellence!

Overview :

• Full–time course; 5 years’ duration

• Three phases of the Program – Pre-medical (1 year), Pre-clinical (2 years) & Clinical Science (final 2 years)

• Students can either opt for the Normal track or USA track

• Normal track – the Premedical, Preclinical and Clinical pursued in Guyana alone

• In USA track – Premedical and Preclinical completed in & Clinical pursued in USA

Features :

• Classrooms outfitted with Audio Visual Settings

• Clinical rotations done in strong local public hospitals affiliated with AAU

• Laboratory-based education

• Plastic models (of the human body) are used for studies

Eligibility :

• 10 to 12 years of Education or Equivalent; including non-premedical backgrounds

Advantages :

• Skilled faculty with expert knowledge of relevant areas

• Opportunities to pursue Clinical Rotations in USA

• Counselling available to all students throughout the undergraduate career

• Good career opportunities exist, in and outside the country through the USMLE clearance

AAU’s curriculum provides a high quality medical education that encourages students to take active responsibility for their learning process and prepares them for life-long, self-directed learning.

The first two years of the Doctor of Medicine degree program concentrate on the traditional basic science disciplines. During this time, laboratory experience is an integral part of the Program along with the incorporation of small group discussions which facilitate the use of problem-based learning and integrates the basic Medical Sciences into the clinical experience.

AAU affords students the opportunity to learn medicine in some of the most renowned hospitals in the world. Located in the United States and Canada, some of these hospitals have been designated by the University as Clinical Centres. A Clinical Centre is a hospital or group of hospitals which are able to provide at least four of the five core rotations, train 80-100 students at a time and offer sub-internships, primary care, and elective rotations. Clinical Centres allow students to complete all of their clinical training at one site if that is what they desire.

During the Clinical Years, students develop and attain professional excellence through the University’s emphasis on responsibility, maturity, and compassion. Students are expected to demonstrate that they have learnt how to conduct themselves in the professional role of physician. They are judged on their ability to take responsibility, relate to and work harmoniously with professional colleagues, exhibit maturity in their conduct on the wards, much like a qualified physician would.


AAU is a truly international, research-led university full of free thinking students. Our leading academics and comprehensive range of flexible undergraduate and postgraduate programs provide an excellent learning experience.

AAU offers a high-quality medical education that meets the integrates professional skills, career-focused education and hands-on practice, enabling students to develop and achieve their personal and career goals.

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