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Living in Guyana is a wonderful experience and would be one of the finest environment and climatic conditions for your studies. Guyana is an amazing blend of the Caribbean and South America and is the only English speaking Country in South America. The beautiful country is a tropical paradise and has much to offer; adventure, tranquility, history, beauty, nature and an inimitable blend of warm and friendly people with the richness of many cultures.

The Republic of Guyana lies in the north-east of South America, north of the equator. It is bordered by Suriname on the east, Brazil on the south and Venezuela on the west, and to the north and east, extends to the North Atlantic Ocean.

The coastal plain, along which the majority of the population lives, is flat but the country is famous for its mountain ranges, lush forests, vast savannahs and above all the majestic Kaieteur Falls with an overall drop of 251 meters and a sheer drop of 226 meters. It is richly endowed with natural resources, extensive areas of fertile agricultural land, vast stretches of tropical hardwood forests most of which are still untouched, a rich fishing and scrimping continental shelf, a wide variety of minerals (including gold, diamond and some semi-precious stones, bauxite and manganese) impressive resources for hydropower generation and potential for petroleum.