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During the visit to Guyana there are few attractions that one should not miss. We have briefed few of the activities below.

Bird Watching

For birders, Guyana has over 815 migrant and resident bird species for visitors to see. Whether you are a beginner or keen birder, watching spectacular species of birds freely flying overhead and whistle will be an unforgettable experience.

Birding hot spots in Guyana

  • Georgetown (capital city) - a wide range of parrots and other species can be seen in the National Park.
  • Kaieteur National Park - the Guiana Cock-of-the-Rock, Orange-Breasted Falcon, white-Chinned and White-Tipped Swifts are the species that could be seen here in abundance.
  • Iwokrama - Blue-Checked Amazon, Merail Guan, Guiana Red-Cotinga, Rufous-Throated Antbird, Waved Woodpecker, Ducsky Pupletuft, Painted Parakeet and White-Winged Potoo are just a few amongst the hundreds that can be seen in this area.
  • The Rupununi - Harpy Eagle, Cayenne Jay, Finsch™s Euphonia, Double- Striped Thick Knee, Green-Tailed Jacamar, Pinnate Bittern, Crestless Curassow, Bearded Tachuri are only some of the species that can been seen regularly here.
  • Essequibo Region - Pointed-Tailed Palmcreeper, Paradise Jacamar, Red-Bellied Macaw, Black-Necked Aracari, Painted Tody Flycatcher, Spotted Antpitta and just few bird amongst that hundreds that are found in the Essequibo.
  • Coastline Areas - an emerging new destination for birders and the habitat for the national bird of Guyana, the Hoatzin. The Hoatzin can be seen in the Mahaicony/Abary areas in great numbers. Many migratory species of birds also nested along the coast and can be seen every day.

Sports Fishing

Guyanas fresh waters are bursting with fishes. Often called the œLand of Many Waters or the œBig River Country Guyana™s rivers are still unspoilt as it awaits your first cast. Sport Fishing is a new area of tourism attraction in Guyana with many unchartered river terrains virgin to man. Let your cast be the first in the next fishing season.

Fishing Seasons in Guyana

Guyana has two very productive fresh water fishing seasons. Mid February to late April and late August to late November are very good time of the year to go up river. During this time, the rains would have stopped and the water receded from the savannas and forest floors. By the middle of the dry season, the rivers usually become narrow as the water recedes. This makes fishing more exciting as less water means less space per fish and more competition to feed and to survive predators of the river.

Game Fish Species in Guyana

Guyana shares with the Amazon River over 1800 fish species. Among those are several Game Fish Species such as the Payara, Arowana, Himara, and what is considered by professional anglers worldwide as the worlds most popular Fresh Water Game Fish.

Fishing Hot Spots in Guyana

Guyana™s prime fishing locations are up the Essequibo River and along its tributaries below river rapids and water falls such as Rockstone and the Gluck Island, the New River Area, Kurupukari River and the Rupununi Burro Burro River.


Whether you are on Regent Street or in Charity Village, shopping should never be omitted from your itinerary while in Guyana. From gifts and jewelry to crafts and clothing can be found in this wonderful land, you name it we have it!

Street vending, markets, arcades, malls and stores are very common shopping areas. Guyanese are very creative people and our talents are showcased through the originality and ingenuity found within our products. Handmade slippers, sculpture, paintings, ornaments, key rings, leather crafts and beaded crafts are just some products our local craft industry produces.


Dining in Guyana is all about our eclectic cuisine, ambience and impeccable services. Our restaurants provide you with mouth watering foods that are blended with herbs and spices prepared by highly skilled Guyanese chefs.

Guyana, with its diverse culture offers many finger licking ethnic foods that can be sampled from our cook shops. Intrepid travelers searching for a full cultural immersion can find many food shops and eateries dishing out local cuisines in many places in Guyana.


After you've had your day fill of fun, it's time to check the vibrant and diverse night entertainment that awaits you. Explore the bars, clubs, sports bars, jazz club, Latin parties, poolside band performances and karaoke bars or just œlime [hang out] as they say in Guyana at any of the local fish shops and the Georgetown Seawall.


The Amazon Rainforest of Guyana provides an amazing trekking experience. Through the rugged mountains and wild tropical rainforest are numerous developed trails frequented by the smiling faces of our Indigenous peoples as they journey to their farms. Take a guided trek and learn about the hundreds of plant species seen and used for many cosmetics and medicinal purposes. Be entertained by the whistling and mate dancing birds as they show off in their natural habitat and observe silence for a peep at the lizards and rodents who camouflage themselves among the trees.

Mountain climbing

Looking for that once in a lifetime opportunity of mountain climbing? Visit Guyana and travel to the largely uninhabited southwestern corner of Guyana™s Amazon Tepui region to the 2000 foot prow of Mt. Roraima, one of South America™s most mysterious landmarks which form the tripartite border of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. It has a unique development of flora which huddles for shelter in pockets on the exposed, windswept plateau. Amazing rock formations have been carved by wind and water, and the ground is uneven and rocky with frequent crystal clear pools of excruciatingly cold water (good for the circulation apparently!) There are crystal beds that contain large, individual crystals in interesting shapes, and stunning views.

Community Tourism

The Indigenous communities of the Amazon Rainforest in Guyana offer a unique community tourism experience. The friendly Macushis and Patamonas of Surma and Wowetta in the Rupununi and the Arawaks of Santa Mission invite you to spend a few days and experience their traditional Indigenous culture. Be amazed at the processing and taste of food and beverage from cassava [root tuber] and be wowed at the cultural performances. Don™t miss their intriguing folklore and rainforest tales in the open air, while star gazing. Sleep in the comfortable benab setting and wake up in the morning to the call of birds and insects, while your friendly host prepares you a scrumptious breakfast followed by a fun filled day of trekking, birding, canoeing, swimming, fishing and observing handicraft made from forest products and many more.

Source: Official Guyana tourism website