Alexander American University
School of Medicine

Toll Free: 1800 2700 455

Alexander American University School of Medicine’s (AAUSOM) faculty goes beyond the syllabus and the classroom. AAU’s faculty creates an environment of academic excellence. They are happy to advise students, and their office hours are flexible – sometimes offered long after the school day ends.

AAU has a committed group of highly credentialed faculty and dedicated administrators who are committed to the mission of AAU

Our University is proud of dozens well qualified medical science and clinical science faculty members who are united in a common purpose: dedication to teaching the next generation of physicians.

The size and location of AAU's medical science campuses contributes to a special atmosphere where faculty and staff are able to concentrate on maintaining the optimum conditions for students to acquire the basic medical knowledge necessary for their clinical experience.

Excellent student teacher ratio (currently 16:1) provides ample opportunity for students to interact with the faculty. Students find that faculty and staff are not only accessible, but are committed to their progress.

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