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Doctor of Medicine - 5.5 years (MD)

If you are passionate about health, biosciences and caring for people, then a Career in Medicine would be a great fit! Success in Medicine requires you to have a thirst for life-long learning and academic excellence!

Alexander American University will offer an innovative Doctor of Medicine (MD) program designed for the students to meet their requirements in the premedical program and who do not hold a first degree but wish to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree. The program will deliver advanced clinical and academic training to ensure students are prepared for the challenges of medical internship!

Developed in consultation with the doctors, healthcare professionals, students and leaders in the research sectors, the MD programs are developed to meet the current and future need of the students, patients and the changing healthcare sector.

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Overview :

The MD Program will have the following features:

• Full–time course for 5.5 years

• Three phases of the Program – Premedical (first 16 months), Preclinical (2 years) & Clinical Rotations (last 2 years)

• Students can either opt for the Normal track or USA track

• Normal track – the Premedical, Preclinical and Clinical are completely pursued in Guyana only

• In USA track – Premedical and Preclinical in Guyana & Clinical can be pursued in USA

Features :

• Classrooms are provided with Audio Visual Settings

• Laboratory based education

Eligibility :

• 10 to 12 years of Education or Equivalent and from non-premedical backgrounds

Advantages :

• Skilled faculty with expert knowledge in the relevant areas

• Opportunity to pursue Clinical Rotations in USA

• Proper counseling for the students throughout the undergraduate career

• Good Career opportunities in and outside the country through the USMLE clearance

Alexander American University School Of Medicine curriculum will provide a high quality medical education which encourages students to take active responsibility for their learning process and to prepare them for life-long, self-directed learning.

The Basic Science program will be five terms in length and may be completed in twenty months. The Clinical Medicine program will be composed of 72 weeks of clinical rotations.

First two years of the Doctor of Medicine degree program will concentrate on the traditional basic science disciplines. Laboratory experience will be an integral part of these first two years, along with small group discussions designed for problem-based learning and early integration of the Basic Medical Sciences into the clinical experience.

During the Clinical Years, we will emphasize responsibility, maturity, and compassion as important attributes in the development of professional excellence. Students will be expected to learn how to conduct themselves in the professional role of physician and will be judged on their ability to take responsibility, relate to and work harmoniously with professional colleagues, exhibit maturity in conduct on the wards, and demonstrate the disposition of a mature and qualified physician