Alexander American University
School of Medicine

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Clinical Sciences Curriculum:

• Will present the opportunity to record a history, perform a physical examination and interpret the findings.

•Will teach the students to act independently correlating the clinical relevance to the basic sciences.

•Will give access to areas of medical practice students may be interested in while pursuing their career.

On successful completion of the whole curriculum and satisfactorily meeting all the other requirements, students will be conferred with a MD degree.

Under the close supervision of clinical faculty, clinical students will learn to work as a team, analyze lab data, experience a physician’s typical day, diagnose patient cases, conduct physicals, and perform limited procedures, such as stitching, blood work, and vaccinations. Students will also have the chance to make a positive impression and network with physicians and hospital administrators to improve their residency applications. By the end of Clinical Sciences, they will have a better understanding of what speciality they are most passionate about.