STUDY MBBS ABROAD - At Low cost,Fees,Course Duration,For Indian Students,USA

Studying MBBS Abroad can be particularly challenging yet the time spent with international educational institutions will be worth the effort. It involves hard work and dedication which evolves from a passion to fulfill your dream of working in the Medical field. After completing your MBBS course, you will have the talents and skill necessary to help enrich the lives of people, save those whose lives would have been futile and make a difference in today’s flourishing medical world.

Who can apply for an MBBS Course?

 The eligibility for MBBS course for Indian students is as follows:

  • Nationality: Indian

  • Age: 17 years and above

  • Qualification: Passed 10+2 Level from any recognized Council/Board of India or abroad

  • Subjects studied as electives: Physics, Chemistry and

  • Marks Obtained: Minimum 50% in aggregate of PCB combined

 All admissions are strictly on a first come first served basis.

Cost of studying MBBS abroad

Studying MBBS abroad is one of the most affordable medical tuition fees available today. Below is a table of the average cost of living and studying in various countries:

Suggested Country

Your Budget


20-25 lakhs


20-30 lakhs


20-30 lakhs


25-30 lakhs


50-60 lakhs


Budget includes:

·         Tuition fees for the entire MBBS course

·         Hostel accommodation for the entire course

·         Food and Living cost through the course

·         Miscellaneous Costs

Please note: The above fees are according to the average fees standard and is only a comparison for students' reference.

 List of Medical Colleges You Can Apply To


Merging personal and professional growth with the modern and sophisticated realm of medicine is what USA offers. Universities with worldwide recognition, current technology and world class facilities will make your journey in the field of medicine more valuable and accepted. The following are Medical Universities in USA that you can pursue your MBBS:

  • Alexander American University
  • University of California-San Diego School of Medicine

  • University of California-Davis Medical School

  • University of Alabama Medical School

  • Baylor COM

  • University of Oklahoma COM-Oklahoma City

  • Albany Medical College

  • George Washington University Medical School

  • Albert Einstein COM of Yeshiva University

  • Boston University SOM

  • Case Western Reserve University SOM

MBBS in China

A country that is one of the fastest growing in the field of medicine. A cost effective, international medical education destination. Most of China's universities that provide the MBBS course are ranked among the top 500 universities in the world and are highly esteemed for being progressive, modern and up-to-date in the field of medicine. The following are Medical Universities in China that you can pursue your MBBS:

  • Tianjin University

  • Tianjin University

  • Jiangsu University

  • Soochow University

  • Shihezi University

  • BEIHUA University

  • Hebei Medical University

  • Capital medical university

  • Dalian University

  • Fujian Medical University

  • Hebei United University

  • Huazhong University of science and technology

  • Jilin University

  • Kunming University

  • Nantong University

  • Nanjing Medical University

  • Qingdao University

  • Shantou University

  • Southeast University

  • Zhejiang University

  • Zhengzhou University

  • Sun Yat Sen University

 MBBS in Russia

Russia provides good value for money in the field of medical education. An in-depth fundamental base will provide a strong foundation for upcoming professionals in the medical field. With comfortable and well equipped University campuses, the education opportunities are plentiful. The facilities, accommodation and other expenses on a daily basis are impressively low when compared to other countries. The following are Medical Universities in Russia that you can pursue your MBBS:

  • Tver State Medical Academy

  • Kazan State Medical University

  • Smolensk State Medical University

  • Orenburg State Medical University

  • Northern State Medical University

 MBBS in Ukraine

 Almost all the MBBS courses in Ukraine are globally recognized. The general cost of living is comparatively less.  The educational system followed in Ukraine with bilingual teaching methods, live classrooms and modern teaching approaches are widely accepted internationally. The following are Medical Universities in Ukraine that you can pursue your MBBS:

  • Bogomolets National Medical University

  • Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

  • Kiev Medical University

 MBBS in Philippines

With a multicultural and student centered approach to education in the field of medicine, Philippines provides great experiences for international education. With high quality education from some of the best Universities, Philippines is a good destination for progress in the field of medical education. The following are Medical Universities in Philippines that you can pursue your MBBS:

  • Southwestern University

  • Cagayan State University

  • Emilio Aguinaldo College

  • Ama School of Medicine

  • Bicol Christian College of Medicine

MBBS Course Duration:

 The MBBS course or Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is a five and half-year course. The course comprises of three phases – Pre Medical (first 18 months), Preclinical (2 years) and Clinical Rotations (last 2 years).

 Advantages of studying MBBS Abroad

1.   No donations or hidden costs

2.   Cost of MBBS course is much more affordable than studying in India

3.   State-of-the-art technology, advanced facilities and hands-on experience

4.   Intercultural experiences beneficial for studies and an add on with regard to work opportunities

5.   Networking with people from other countries