Alexander American University
School of Medicine

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Basic Sciences Curriculum:

The Basic Medical Science curriculum:

• Will Offer an in-depth program of the basic medical sciences.

• Will Present the range of problems encountered by doctors and the range of solutions that have been developed for their recognition, investigation, prevention and treatment.

• Will Cover the principles of disease, therapy, ethical and legal issues relevant to the practice of medicine.

Medicine is not static. Every day new research uncovers a greater understanding of anatomical functions, diseases, and treatments. That’s why Alexander American University School Of Medicine (AAU) will provide its students with more than just essential medical knowledge: it will teach them to be lifelong learners. We will take the material out of the lecture hall to create a fully immersive learning experience.

Basic Sciences will last four semesters at campus in Guyana. Classes will be enhanced with the latest educational technology, including Blackboard Learn and 3D integrated modern technology, allowing students to experience lectures long after they’re over. Students will be provided with early hands-on clinical training.