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AAU will be one of the best universities of its kind giving the vast array of diversity in spheres of international relations and a multitude of student cultures

Welcome to AAU office of Admissions. Submitting your application is the first step and also the easiest part of the admission process. AAU School of Medicine accepts students into our top MD Program three times a year - January, May and September. We do not require the MCAT.

AAU accepts the student’s applications from different diversities that are enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated to health care delivery and also limits enrolment to students meeting specific requirements in order to maintain high academic standards and ensure that students receive the best education possible.

MD Program

Alexander American University offers an innovative Doctor of Medicine (MD) program designed for the students to meet their requirements in the premedical program and who do not hold a first degree but wish to earn a Doctor of Medicine degree. The program delivers advanced clinical and academic training to ensure students are prepared for the challenges of medical internship!

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Pre Med Program

Five year Doctor of Medicine program starts at undergraduate level of studies in foundational building Pre-Medical courses, taken over a duration of four semesters. On successful completion with satisfactory performance, the student automatically gains advancement into the regular Medical Program at the Basic Medical Sciences level.

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Basic Science Program

Basic Sciences lasts four semesters at our state-of-the-art campus in Antigua. Classes are enhanced with the latest educational technology, including Blackboard Learn™ and Echo360 Lecture Capture, allowing students to experience lectures long after they’re over. Students are provided with early hands-on clinical training at Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, one of the most ..

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Clinical Science Program

Alexander American University School of Medicine (AAU) has a robust curriculum that corresponds to real-world needs and has more than 35 clinical sites. Our program prepares students for a successful medical career. Clinical Sciences consists of core and elective rotations that allow students to apply their Basic Sciences knowledge to real-world situations.

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