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Admission ProcessEach year, AAU receives over 1000 applications for its freshman class, which means there are more qualified applicants than can be admitted.


The goal of the campus admissions review process is to select, from the large and growing pool of applicants, those individuals who have challenged themselves academically and shown commitment to activities and service expected of AAU. To achieve a class that embodies rich diversity, college representatives and other University staff participate in the recruitment, identification, and selection of students.

Applicants selected for admission are those who are expected to contribute to and immerse themselves in AAU’s learning environment. Although high school grades and standardized test scores are important indicators of academic achievement, they only tell part of the story.

The Review Process

In order to meet their educational missions, AAU seeks students who meet and exceed standards for incoming freshmen and have the potential to be leaders in their chosen fields upon graduation. When students apply to AAU, their applications for admission are subject to a rigorous, careful, thoughtful, and complete review by admissions professionals from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the program to which the student has applied.

A variety of factors are considered upon review. Primary among the criteria is academic performance and rigor. When reading applications, the admissions and college professionals rank the application using a holistic approach by combining the criteria being evaluated. Most applications receive at least two readings. The Office of Admissions checks all preliminary decisions in order to assure a high level of consistency while recognizing that professional judgment is being used to make individual decisions about each applicant. In fact, individual applicants are evaluated in the context of the opportunities available. The multiple readings and the review for consistency creates a system of quality control that leads to the best possible decisions of professional judgment.

While reading an application, admissions and college professionals carefully consider the wide range of information provided by the applicant. Applicants should understand that every word of the application is considered in making an admissions decision. AO’s consider all evidence provided by the applicant, the context of the personal and academic circumstances. The weight of each criterion in the admissions decision depends on the combination of qualities presented by the applicant. There is no set formula of weighting criteria. Final decisions are made on the evaluation of a variety of criteria and not by a single point system or formula.

AO’s make admissions decisions based on the evidence included in the application. Applicants should be sure to present themselves and their stories accurately and completely. The academic record will be carefully and thoughtfully evaluated. The other sections of the application including the personal statement, list of activities, achievements, honors, etc. will be given equal, careful, and thoughtful attention. The best applicants create an application that is thoroughly prepared with close attention to detail and consideration of personal strengths and future goals.

Review Criteria

Looking for a record of successful achievement at the highest possible level, readers of applications will evaluate the following criteria:

  • Academic achievement in the highest level of rigor available at the applicant’s high school.

    Consistent achievement at the highest level is the best possible demonstration of strong academic performance. Application readers will review the rigor of individual courses and the grades earned in those courses when evaluating the strength of a student’s academic record.

    Because admission to AAU is so competitive, the minimum course requirements rarely satisfy admission expectations. In reviewing a high school record, AO’s will also look for grade patterns. For example, it is always better for grades to improve over time rather than decline.

  • Achievement outside the classroom that demonstrates personal strengths and skills.

    AAU is looking for students who have the personal qualities, as well as the academic qualities, to succeed and thrive on our campus. AO’s expect that students with strong academic achievement will also demonstrate strong achievement outside of the classroom in school and/or community activities. Through such activities, applicants have the opportunity to demonstrate leadership ability, perseverance, creativity, generosity, determination, motivation, concern, intellectual curiosity, etc.

Key Dates and deadlines for admission process

Quarter of application Quarter begins Application opens Application deadline Notification period
Fall Late of April May 1 Aug 30 Oct 15th
Spring Late of November Dec 1 Jan 30 March 15th