Academic Skills

Academic Skills

Helping students strengthen their learning and study skills

AUC offers academic skills counseling services to assist medical school students in developing study skills and strategies to support their success in medical school. An academic skills counselor provides answers to Caribbean medical school student questions, individual academic assessment and counseling to help students develop an effective study plan/strategy. All academic counseling sessions and information are private, and student confidentiality is maintained and protected. No record of the student’s academic skills counseling session is included in his or her student file.

Improving study skills

  • Effective study skills

  • Study schedules

  • Concentration and memory

  • Improving reading comprehension

  • Time management

  • Organizational skills

  • Setting goals

Preparing for exams

  • Test preparation

  • Test-taking strategies

  • Test anxiety

  • Stress management

Learning skills

  • Discovering your learning style/mode

  • Developing listening skills

  • Note-taking

  • Learning how to learn

Acquiring Medical Sciences Knowledge

  • How to understand the medical science courses

  • Understanding main concepts

  • Understanding interrelationships

  • Integration of medical sciences course material

  • Integration of medical sciences with clinical material


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