Alexander American University
School of Medicine

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Supporting intellectual and scholarly achievement

The Office of Academic Affairs provides the leadership and guidance necessary to embrace and nurture all forms of intellectual and scholarly activities in the preclinical medical education. It upholds the standards and policies established by the administration, committees and faculty, while overseeing the medical science curriculum and encouraging physicians-in-training to extend intellectual development beyond classrooms to become globally competent physicians.  The office encourages the stakeholders to address and resolve academic concerns and issues for continuous improvement of medical education by developing a cooperative academic environment.


Administration of Curriculum

  • Support the work of faculty and departments in their efforts
  • Support the work of Curriculum Committee and other academically derived committees
  • Oversee policies, standards and procedures for administration of medical education
  • Develop academic calendars, semester course schedules with lecture hall assignments, and individual student’s semester course schedules
  • Coordinate computer-based block exams and web-based NBME exams
  • Collaborate with Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Associate Dean for Medical Education and Faculty Development and Associate Dean for Clinical Sciences

Academic Counseling of Students

  • Guide and counsel students for academic progress and performance
  • Provide academic plans on request
  • Guide and counsel students for remediation and preparation of USMLE Step 1

Data Collections and Analysis

  • Assess student Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Compile and analyze database to assess student academic performance, effects of the Medical Science curriculum and identify predictors for success on USMLE Step 1, Step 2 and Residency 

Supervision and Guidance of Support Staff in Academic Affairs

  • Work with Registrar to monitor student eligibility statuses for completion of Medical Sciences curriculum, financial aid and ECFMG applications
  • Direct and guide all support staff in Academic Affairs and faculty services
  • Coordinate proctors for computer-based and web-based-testing